Do you guarantee your results?

At one point we did give guarantees on rankings but we have found these days that guaranteeing rankings places the wrong emphasis on what e-CBD seeks to achieve with search engine optimisation. We do stand behind our results on every single SEO package but not in the form of "you will rank number one for [insert keyword]."

Search engine optimisation is about achieving your website's goals. You don't really want to be number one for "Brisbane house painters" what you really want is to get 30 leads a month where the majority of those turn into paid house painting jobs. They are the kind of results we want you to see.

How long before I see the results?

Some directories will list you within hours of your submission, but Google and the other main search engines can take anywhere from 15 minutes to a few weeks to start listing your site. Unless you take out a paid listing in a directory that offers a guaranteed placement within a certain time limit, there's no way to hurry things up - your website is really at the search engines' mercy. Anyone who appears to be claiming otherwise is either full of it, or wording things very carefully. If you are in a competitive industry it can take six to 12 months to really start seeing results. It really all depends on how many other sites you're competing with.

What do you do to my site?

Search engines work by giving searchers the most relevant results for whatever it is they're looking for. We'll make sure your site is the most relevant answer to the things people put in the search box when they're trying to find your business. We don't follow any strict set of rules because each site has different requirements, but we make sure our client's sites implement Google's guidelines for webmasters to a T (or make that a G). That's the most important thing.

Our search engine optimisation packages address all these issues (and many more) to ensure that when people search for words related to your business, your website is the most relevant.

Do you need to change my site?

Our professional copy writing team will probably need to make some changes to the text on your website. We'll do this in consultation with your current webmaster or web design firm. We might need to make changes to the way you've laid out the text and other content on your page, in particular what sections and words you've given emphasis to, and what titles you've given your page. We carefully explain all the changes we recommend and get your approval before we go tinkering though.

Can you help me trick Google?

No. e-CBD is committed to providing clients with an ethical search engine optimisation service that adheres to best-practice principles. We believe the best way to get good results is by creating websites that search engines are happy to promote and any optimisation work we do strictly adheres to the quality guidelines set out by the major search engines, including:

Many search engines provide members of the public with the opportunity to report websites that don't adhere to their guidelines. To ensure that our work is completely ethical, whenever we optimise a client's website we ask ourselves this: "Is there anything about this website that a competitor could report as being against any search engine quality guidelines?" - if we think there's even a slight issue, we'll make sure it's addressed immediately.

How many search engines will you submit my site to?

At the moment it's about two or three, maybe four if we need to.

Pretty much every search engine worth being in these days comes and finds you. They have things called ‘spiders’ which crawl the web from link to link and if you have quality links to your site, and your pages are optimised properly, they will find you and rank you accordingly.

What we do is make sure the right people who should know about your site find out about it.

But Company X will submit my site to 10,000,000,000 search engines and directories for a low monthly fee of $2, that sounds like a pretty good deal to me?

How many search engines have you used lately? 10,000,000,000? Probably not, in fact you'll most likely find that 99% of your search engine traffic will come from about just a few main search engines – Google being the dominant player. Like most free market industries the best businesses tend to get most of the business - it's exactly the same in the search engine world. The other 9,999,999,990 search engines you've never used are probably not worth worrying about, and in fact, may do you more harm than good.

As Google states in its webmaster guidelines:

"Don't participate in link schemes designed to increase your site's ranking. In particular, avoid links to web spammers or "bad neighbourhoods" on the web as your own ranking may be affected adversely by those links."

…At the very least, most of those ‘directories’ will want your e-mail address in return for a listing, so if you want to start a pretty comprehensive spam collection, ‘last all night’, consolidate all your debt, and have $6,000,000 sent to your bank account from Nigeria, submitting your e-mail address to this sort of service is a terrific way to get cracking.

Do you help us with paid listings and advertising in search engines as well?


We run a comprehensive search engine marketing (SEM) service as well. We can help you with a PPC campaign for Google AdWords and Facebook and we know how to tweak these paid services to get the most out of your budget. Pay per click advertising can cost you a lot of money with little returns if you don't know what you're doing or are too busy to keep an eye on it. We can set up and monitor your campaigns, refining them as we go to make them more efficient, find more traffic and aim for higher conversions.

Have more questions?

If you have any more questions regarding SEO, get in touch with our experienced internet marketing team today on 07 5531 3810.

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