Social Media Marketing

Connect with your customers, personalise your brand and boost your bottom line using meaningful and effective social media strategies.

If you’re looking at starting Social Media Marketing or looking to improve on what you’re already doing, we can help. You might be interested in:

  • Building an audience on Facebook
  • Getting more interaction from customers on social media
  • Growing your Instagram following
  • Engaging more with your LinkedIn connections
  • Creating ‘pin-able’ content for your fans on Pinterest

We’ll help you start using social media to develop customer relationships, boost your bottom line and achieve REAL business goals. Social Media has well and truly blossomed from a buzz word into an essential part of any marketing strategy worldwide.

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What does Social Media really do for businesses?

As a business, social media allows you to:

In many ways, Social Media has become the facilitator of 'Word of Mouth' advertising in the online world. Plus, contrary to popular belief, Social Media Marketing is measurable, and provides real results and return on your investment.

Facebook Insights

What can we do for your business?

With so much of a customer’s experience – both positive and negative – now being played out in an online space, social media enables businesses to be a part of that online experience outside of the typical channels, in real-time. Being able to consistently convey your business’ image through social media and reflecting your offline behaviour and personality has never been more important.

Self-Managed Social Media Strategy from $480.00 (+ GST)

If you’re a small business with a tight marketing budget but have some spare time on your hands, this is the package for you.

Which Social Networks?

e-CBD’s experienced team will develop a Social Media Marketing strategy for you to implement on your chosen social network/s. We will provide advice on which networks you should be focussing on – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest or YouTube etc. with instructions and advice on how to use them.

Goals Come First

We will connect with you – either in person or over a phone chat – to determine what you really want to achieve through your Social Media Marketing campaign, whether it be to increase brand awareness, increase your customer base or to facilitate a 'social' relationship with your customers, and then generate a strategy to meet these goals.

We’ll Get Hands On (if we need to)

We can even create your social profiles for you with custom designed, branded cover/profile artwork and add applicable social icons to your website.

Making It Work & Keeping Perspective

We’ll give you advice on how you can increase your engagement - Likes, Views, Shares, Pins, Followers etc. As well as showing you how to remain focussed on achieving the goals you set and not getting distracted by the stuff that doesn’t matter.

What we give you (a recap):

  • Advice on which social network is right for your business.
  • Instructions on how to use chosen social network effectively.
  • A Customised Social Media strategy based on your goals.
  • Creation of social profiles with branded cover/profile artwork (if required).
  • Techniques and approaches on how to grow your audience & engagement.

We Suggest

An ongoing investment of $240.00/month (+ GST) so we can provide you with a monthly report outlining the success of the previous months activities and reviewing the current strategy, then making any recommendations that could be made to improve the performance of the strategy.

Full Social Media Management from $960.00/month (+ GST)

If running your business is leaving you a little short of time and you need someone to run with your Social Media Marketing on your behalf – look no further, this is the package for you.

Nutting Out The Details & Setting Goals

After connecting with you – either in person or over a phone chat – we will determine what it is you really want to achieve through your Social Media Marketing. We will review any social networks you’re currently using and find out more about existing strategies you’ve been utilising. Once complete, we will provide recommendations on which networks are working best for your business, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest or YouTube etc., then start building a strategy based on the goals for your business.

Planning & Strategy

We create a customised monthly strategy plan with a detailed posting calendar for you to approve. This calendar is then scheduled in advance by our team to ensure consistent posting times. The team will take into account any other marketing campaigns your business may be running at the time – be it digital or traditional – and tailor your Social Media strategy to complement these other campaigns, ensuring a consistent voice for all your marketing channels.

Managing Your Fans

egular monitoring of your Social Media account’s performance and engagement will take place – this includes responding to all communication with your audience via post comments or direct messages using a predetermined language, and where necessary specific scripts.

Crunching The Numbers. Improving Performance

At the end of each month you will be provided a detailed report outlining the performance of the month’s activities and any recommendations for enhancement of the upcoming schedule. This may include the use of competitions or promotions, or even Facebook Advertising to further promote an upcoming event helping to make the campaign a complete success.

What we give you:

  • Audit of all current social networks and activities
  • Recommendations of suitable social networks for your business
  • Customised monthly strategy and posting calendar
  • Regular monitoring and engagement with audience
  • Detailed monthly reports and recommendations for upcoming schedule

Next step

Social Media has truly “grown up” in recent years and it’s an integral part of the digital landscape. Getting your Social Media right from the beginning is just as integral. Let the team at e-CBD help make your Social Media presence strong, relevant and a success.

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