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You’ve built a great looking site, it’s been online for a while but traffic is low and you only show up in Google for your own name. What can you do?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is your answer.

We provide proven SEO services for businesses on the Gold Coast and around Australia. If you want your website to be positioned higher in search engines for the phrases that best describe the products or services you offer, you need professional Search Engine Optimisation services that will deliver long term results.

e-CBD provides proven SEO services on the Gold Coast that is second to none in quality and results.

Why we think we're one of the best SEO companies on the Gold Coast:

What is SEO?

SEO is the process of making a website more visible in Google and other search engines’ organic (unpaid) results for the phrases that best describe what you do. Search engines consider over 200 signals when ranking and indexing websites, so it’s crucial to have your website optimised by those experienced in the field.

Watch the video explaining about what is SEO by our Internet Marketing Manager, Luke Garfield.

Why do you need it?

There are people searching for your services online right now. They know what they are looking for and need to find the right business or website to serve their needs, and most of these people will find what they need on the first page of Google results.

SEO gets your website showing in search results for a range of different keywords and phrases. Great SEO (the kind e-CBD does) gets your website showing in search results for the right search phrases, bringing you more of the right traffic that will actually turn into a lead or sale. Considering the vast number of websites and competition that is out there, it pays to be getting SEO.

SEO Content Strategy

When we optimise your website, part of our strategy is to develop website content that ranks in search engines which drives traffic to your website and directly helps achieve your business goals.

Part of a successful SEO content strategy is SEO copywriting. This type of copywriting is specifically aimed to be helpful for visitors to the website as well as help search engines understand and rank your website pages for relevant search terms.

Some Common SEO Services Questions

Do You Outsource Your SEO Services?

We are 100% local Company. We do not rely on SEO outsourcing. All of the optimisation we do on your website will be completed by one of our SEO specialists right here on the Gold Coast. You can even pick up the phone and talk with your SEO account manager who sends you your monthly SEO report.

Are Your SEO Services Cheap?

Our SEO services are competitively priced and we feel that the return on your investment is suitably proportional. In the end, we like helping Gold Coast businesses succeed online and we try to price our services affordable but not at the cost of reaching your business goals.

Do You Offer Other Internet Marketing Services?

Definitely. We approach SEO as one of a variety of internet marketing services which we can offer Gold Coast businesses. We also provide:

Can You Help Me Build A New Website?

We certainly can! One of the advantages of working with e-CBD for your SEO services is that you have the support of a team of web designers, web developers and internet marketers. We can help you build a brand new website, refresh your old site or just help to maintain and support the current website you have.

We can also provide website development to help with more complex functionality on your website. Maybe there is a feature you’ve always wanted on your website but didn’t know who to ask about it. Let us know and we’ll tell you what the possibilities are.

Can You Host My Website?

Again, the answer is a BIG yes! As a Gold Coast digital agency, not only can we provide you with locally based SEO services but we can also help you with your web hosting too. If you’re having an issue with hosting forget being stuck on the phone waiting in a queue, we answer the phone the first time and will help you sort out the issue ASAP. That said, our hosting is pretty rock solid so you’ll rarely have to call.

You’re Not At The Top Of The Page For Gold Coast SEO, How Good Can You Be?

Yes, that is true. Does that mean that the website that ranks number one provides the best SEO services? Are they the top SEO company on the Gold Coast? I’ll ask you a question. Does your competitor who ranks above you do a better job than your company?

Sure, ranking #1 for "Gold Coast SEO" would be nice but it’s not necessary for our business to be successful. Our business has been around for 20 years because we do the job we say we’ll do: make our clients successful online. We’ve done that time and time again – see our SEO Case Studies.

Even if we did rank for Gold Coast SEO it wouldn’t change our goal. We want to help your business be successful online.

How do we do this?

e-CBD focuses on following SEO best practices, making sure that your website is optimised from top to bottom, front to back. Click for more details about the sort of work involved in optimising a website:

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The foundation of SEO starts with the foundation of any website: the system the site is built in. There are many Content Management Systems (CMS) out there but unfortunately a large portion of them have a number of limitations with SEO, in particular the free website builders. Making sure your site is built in an SEO-friendly CMS is integral to your site’s ability to be optimised. Is it mobile friendly? Does the site load quickly? How flexible is the CMS to work on? These are all important questions you should ask your web developer

We next do ‘quality control’ across every page on your website and optimise the many on-page signals that search engines look at such as your content, headings, images, page titles, sitemaps and site architecture. This leads to a well thought-out, high quality content strategy making sure you have the right information on your site for search engines and visitors alike.

For local and national businesses, a thorough review of your backlink profile is conducted next so that your details are consistent and accurate across the web. We claim any existing listings and also make sure your business is added to relevant local directories and websites. In this regard, quality over quantity is key.

And this is just the beginning! We then measure and analyse your results in detail and further adjust the site according to these results and the ever-changing landscape of SEO, conduct ongoing maintenance and continue to look for new opportunities in relation to content, links and conversion rate optimisation.

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