Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

You’ve built a great looking site, it’s been online for a while but traffic is low and you only show up in Google for your own brand name. What can you do? 

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is your answer.

We offer proven SEO strategies that will get your site visible in organic search results for the terms that best describe your product or service offering.

If you would like your website to have a higher search ranking, you need a professional SEO company that will deliver long-lasting results. e-CBD provide an SEO service that is second to none in quality, transparency and results. 

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What is SEO?

SEO is the process of increasing a website's visibility in Google and other search engines' organic (unpaid) results for the search terms that best describe what the site is about, in order to improve organic traffic. It involves making changes to your website in order to ensure it is the best answer for these search terms.

Search engines look at over 200 factors when ranking websites, so it’s crucial to have your website optimised by those experienced in the field and know what these factors are.

What is SEO?

Why do you need it?

There are people searching online for the products or services you offer right now. They know what they are looking for and need to find the right business or website to serve their needs; and most of these people will find what they need on the first page of Google search results.

SEO makes sure your website can be found by these people. Great SEO (the kind e-CBD does) is a long term strategy that gets your website showing in organic search for the right search phrases, in front of your target audience, bringing you more of the right traffic that will actually turn into a lead or sale.

Considering the huge number of websites and competition that is out there, it pays to be getting SEO.

How do we do this?

e-CBD focuses on following SEO best practices to improve your online presence and organic ranking, making sure that your website is optimised from top to bottom, front to back. Click for more details about the sort of work involved in optimising a website:

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The foundation of SEO starts with the foundation of any website: the system the site is built in. There are many Content Management Systems (CMS) out there but unfortunately a large portion of them have a number of limitations with SEO, in particular the free website builders. Making sure your site is built in an SEO-friendly CMS is integral to your site’s ability to be optimised. Is it mobile friendly? Does the site load quickly? How flexible is the CMS to work on? These are all important questions you should ask your web developer.

We next do ‘quality control’ across every page on your website and optimise the many on-page signals that search engines look at such as your page content, headings, internal links, images, page titles, meta descriptions, sitemaps and site architecture. This leads to a well thought-out, high quality content strategy making sure you have the right information on your site for search engines and visitors alike. 

For local and national businesses, a thorough review of your backlink profile is conducted next so that your details are consistent and accurate across the web. We claim any existing listings and also make sure your business is added to relevant local directories and websites. In this regard, quality over quantity is key. For location-based businesses, we also make sure you have a verified and optimised Google My Business listing (a.k.a Google Maps listing).

And this is just the beginning! We then measure and analyse your results in detail and further adjust the site according to these results and the ever-changing landscape of SEO, conduct ongoing maintenance and continue to look for new opportunities in relation to content, links, relevant keywords and conversion rate optimisation.

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Content Writing

We know our clients don’t always have time to write the content required to compliment SEO and other digital marketing strategies such as Email Marketing or Social Media Marketing. Our in house copywriting services may be just what you need. From rewriting your website information to creating a well thought-out content marketing strategy for a blog, we can provide affordable content writing that is of high quality and relevant to your business.

FAQs About SEO Services

Do I get a report from you?

Yes. Each month we send out an easy to understand report that outlines important data from Google Analytics, Search Console and other tools we use to track your performance. We have created our own reporting software that is much more than just a ranking report. It combines the most relevant information from these tools in a format that is easy to understand and efficient for us to compile.

Our reports include organic traffic data, site usability signals, conversion rate and goal data, average rankings and keyword performance, a year-on-year traffic comparison and more. 

Do you guarantee your results?

At one point we did give guarantees on search rankings but we have found these days that guaranteeing rankings places the wrong emphasis on what e-CBD seeks to achieve with search engine optimisation. We do stand behind our results on every single SEO package but not in the form of "you will rank number one for [insert keyword]."

Search engine optimisation is about achieving your website's goals. You don't really want to be number one for "Brisbane house painters" what you really want is to be found by potential customers, get 30 leads a month where the majority of those turn into paid house painting jobs. They are the kind of results we want you to see. 

View some of the results we have achieved for our SEO clients.

How long before I see the results?

This is a difficult question to answer as there are so many factors that can impact your website's SEO performance; the competitiveness of your industry, your website's age and size, whether there are any issues with your site that have affected your performance, if your site has been previously penalised by search engines, and if you're starting from scratch, all can have an effect on how long before you see results. 

Unfortunately there's no way to hurry things up - your website is really at the search engines' mercy. This is why SEO is a long-term, ongoing strategy. It takes time for SEO to take effect, it takes time to optimise a website properly, to strategise, to plan, to analyse and optimise again. While it might seem like an awful lot of work is happening with little return, SEO will certainly pay off if you give it the time it deserves. 

This 'delay' is because search engine algorithms are highly advanced these days with an emphasis on providing searchers with the most relevant, and highest quality results. This means a lot more effort is required to get a website to rank higher in Google - there is no way to game the system. From relevant content to technical optimisation, on page and off page optimisation, site usability and keyword research, SEO is all-encompassing and certainly not a 'quick fix'. Its about ensuring you have a quality website that follows best practices, is easy to crawl and is the best answer for a searcher. 

What do you do to my site?

Search engines work by giving searchers the most relevant results for whatever it is they're looking for. We'll make sure your site is the most relevant answer for the keyword phrase they use when trying to find your business. We don't follow any strict set of rules because each site has different requirements, but we make sure our client's sites implement Google's guidelines for webmasters to a T (or make that a G). That's the most important thing.

In a nutshell though, the activities we perform can be placed into five main categories: 

  • On page optimisation
  • Technical optimisation
  • Content strategy
  • Link building
  • Analysis

Our search engine optimisation packages address all these issues (and many more) to ensure that when people search for words related to your business, your website is the most relevant.

Do you need to change my site?

SEO is all about making changes - 'optimising' literally means to modify something to make something more useful, effective, or even perfect. We won't totally change your website, but we will certainly be tweaking your content, headings, titles, adding links, improving the page structure and even adding new pages to the site. There are also a number of changes we will make that you won't even notice - we're talking back-end changes that will improve your page load speed, crawlability or correcting issues in the code that a typical visitor wouldn't notice, but a search engine might. 

If there is anything major that needs to change, we will however ask you about this first. But due to the nature of SEO and the ongoing work that is required, it's not feasible for us to let you know about each minor change.

Can you help me trick Google?

No. e-CBD is committed to providing clients with an ethical search engine optimisation service that adheres to best-practice principles. We believe the best way to get good results is by creating websites that search engines are happy to promote and any optimisation work we do strictly adheres to the quality guidelines set out by the major search engines, including:

Many search engines provide members of the public with the opportunity to report websites that don't adhere to their guidelines. To ensure that our work is completely ethical, whenever we optimise a client's website we ask ourselves this: "Is there anything about this website that a competitor could report as being against any search engine quality guidelines?" - if we think there's even a slight issue, we'll make sure it's addressed immediately.

Do you help us with paid listings and advertising in search engines as well?


We run a comprehensive search engine marketing (SEM) service as well. We can help you with a PPC campaign for Google AdWords and Facebook and we know how to tweak these paid services to get the most out of your budget. Pay per click advertising can cost you a lot of money with little returns if you don't know what you're doing or are too busy to keep an eye on it. We can set up and monitor your campaigns, refining them as we go to make them more efficient, find more traffic and aim for higher conversions.

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