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Target your customers by location, age, gender, likes and interests using Facebook Advertising. Let our experienced team help you create excellent Facebook ads with real ROI.

16 million Australians use Facebook and about one billion use it worldwide. Have you thought about making your product visible in this valuable online social space?

How does Facebook Advertising work?

A highly effective form of Pay Per Click advertising, Facebook ads will get your business in front of an incredibly targeted audience on a network that is visited daily by millions. Facebook provides the opportunity to reach audiences that can be filtered by:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Income
  • Education
  • Likes & Interests
  • Social affiliations
  • And much more

Enquire About Facebook Ads

Our expertise

There are a number of different ways you can advertise on Facebook, and the option to choose largely depends on the goals you wish to achieve, from lead generation and engagement to brand awareness and reach. e-CBD have experience in all types of Facebook ads, including:

  • Like ads that boost the number of real Likes and followers for your business page
  • Promoted posts that will boost a specific post on your page to a wider audience, in either image, video or text format
  • Link ads to promote a specific page on your website
  • Audience ads which use remarketing to target people on Facebook who have previously visited your website.
  • Carousel ads that showcase up to 10 images and links within a single advert, great for promoting products
  • Event Response ads to try and boost attendance at your event
Our Expertise

There are literally dozens more to test and try out depending on what action you wish people to take.

Don’t Buy Likes

Have you ever heard about businesses buying ‘Likes’. It makes us shudder every time we hear about it. It’s useless to have thousands of Likes on a Facebook page when the majority of them are bogus profiles or from overseas. It won’t equal real engagement on your page, such as comments, shared posts or post likes. The Facebook algorithm will actually look at the number of Likes you have versus the engagement or interaction on the page and because this will be grossly out of proportion, it will negatively impact on page growth. It’s a waste of company resources and can also put you in risk of getting your page shut down by Facebook for not following their guidelines.

It’s important to know that ‘Buying Likes’ and doing ‘Like Ads’ are two totally different things. Like Ads put your page in front of people that are actually relevant to your business, and are likely to be looking for a company that offers your products or services.

Why do Facebook Advertising?

Various facebook ad sizes

Facebook Advertising is not as easy as simply using Facebook

You could probably set up Facebook ads yourself to experiment and see if it works for your business…but you might end up wasting your time and money.

Avoid this trap and let our team of digital marketing experts design and set up a uniquely tailored campaign that will get you the results you’re looking for.

We will delve into your business objectives, create achievable marketing goals and have your Facebook ad campaign set up quickly, efficiently and most importantly works for your business right from the get-go.

Social Media Marketing

Maybe your business doesn’t have a Facebook page yet or you do but have left it to its own devices for a few months (or years). We understand that many business owners simply don’t have the time to be posting on Facebook and other social networks or are just not sure how to go about it.

We can help you!

Whether you need someone to post for you or provide advice on what you should be sharing, contact e-CBD today and ask to speak with our social media marketing experts.

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