Email Marketing Strategies That Will Grow Your Business

Get serious ROI with a powerful and engaging email marketing strategy.

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Stay top-of-mind with existing customers

Stay top-of-mind with existing customers

Create warmer leads 24/7

Create warmer leads 24/7

The best ROI of any digital marketing activity

The best ROI of any digital marketing activity

Email Marketing IS The Most Effective Marketing

It is your direct line to your customer.

You own your email list and this means you don’t need to rely on Google, Facebook, Instagram etc. to connect with your customers.

You can improve the return on every dollar you spend on other marketing activities just by using the most basic of email marketing strategies.

If you’re not building and engaging your email list (database) you’re losing thousands in potential revenue.

You NEED to invest in it.

A great email marketing strategy will:

  • Triple the lifetime value of your existing customers.
  • Engage meaningfully with leads to turn them into customers
  • Get a return of up to $38+ for every dollar spent


Email marketing is a direct line to your clients

Having an effective email marketing strategy is integral to growing and engaging with your database.

Take a look at some of these phenomenal stats on email marketing:

  • ROI for email marketing can be as high at 3800% - that’s $38 for every dollar spent on an email marketing campaign - and this ROI keeps growing (source).
  • 90% of email gets delivered to the intended recipient’s inbox. Compare this to Facebook posts which will only be seen by approximately 2% of your audience (unless you purchase ads) (source).
  • 174% more conversions generated via email than social media (source). In fact, email marketing outperforms all other digital marketing campaigns

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How can I use email marketing to grow my business?

Email marketing software makes it simple to manage your database and send out emails. Yes, you can even make your own template. However, enlisting the expertise of an experienced digital marketing agency will help you to:

  • Grow your database by creating an effective lead magnet
  • Create nurture email sequences that are based upon proven sales psychology and consumer behaviour
  • Effectively segment your database to tailor messages to the right audience
  • Create targeted email marketing campaigns that coordinate with your overall digital marketing strategy.
  • View more ways you can use email marketing to boost your revenue

e-CBD have been helping clients with their email marketing strategies for over 20 years, and can turn your basic email newsletter into an email marketing strategy that will dramatically grow your business’ revenue.

How do we get started with Email Marketing?

Our 3 step approach to creating a powerful email marketing strategy for your business is designed to maximise your results and boost your revenue.



We meet with you to better understand your business and goals. We walk through a preliminary email marketing strategy.



We create an engaging email marketing strategy that integrates with your existing digital marketing efforts and implement it.



We grow your database, build meaningful connections and turn prospects into customers.

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How we use email marketing to boost your revenue

Abandoned Cart Reminders

A simple yet incredibly effective method of getting ‘almost’ customers back to your ecommerce site to complete a purchase. With a 46.6% open rate, 28.7% click through rate and 5% conversion rate (view source), your online store could earn thousands in otherwise missed sales.


A/B testing your subject lines, imagery, call to actions, messaging and landing pages is crucial to a successful email marketing strategy because often what you think will work better, doesn’t! Data is a crucial element to any marketing campaign and it’s important to both measure and analyse your data to fine-tune your email marketing efforts.

Segmentation, Personalisation & Automation

These 3 facets of email marketing are game changers. Get better email open rates, click throughs and conversions by delivering tailored messages to your database depending on where they are in the buying process.

By segmenting your email list, you are breaking your subscribers into smaller groups based on specific criteria. Send personalised emails that are more relevant to the audience, which means better engagement and higher conversions. Automate the entire process for more efficiency and effectiveness. Learn more about marketing automation here.

Lead Magnet & Nurture Sequence

Grow your database with a lead magnet that your audience can’t ignore. This could be a checklist, guide or other incentive that you give away in exchange for their email address.

A nurture sequence of emails then follows up with the prospect on a regular basis, building a connection between them and your business, and guides them along the path of becoming a customer.

Optimise For Mobile

With over 60% of email campaigns being opened on mobile devices, it’s crucial that your email campaigns are presented well and work properly on all screen sizes for the best chance of success.

These are just a few strategies that can make a serious impact on your marketing ROI. With an experienced digital marketing agency working with your business, you will be able to connect with and market to an untapped audience more effectively.

Example of EDM for Volare

Example of EDM for e-cbd

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Our agency is experienced in all things digital marketing, with an experienced in-house team of marketers, developers and designers to make your business succeed online. To get a powerful email marketing strategy in place for your business contact e-CBD today and speak with our digital marketing team.

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