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We have been running successful Google Ads campaigns on behalf of our clients for many years. Let our experience save you time and money, and bring you the results you’ve been looking for.

Google Adwords

Don’t waste another cent

We have seen countless businesses spend thousands on “garbage clicks” that have never brought in a sale or enquiry, have been incorrectly setup or poorly managed. If you think this might be you, call us now.

Google Ads can be a highly successful marketing strategy when done correctly, bringing in quality leads at a minimum cost to you, however all too often we have seen businesses fall into the trap of spending too much without getting any real return on investment.

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Our expertise

e-CBD is experienced in all aspects of Google Ads with the certifications to prove it.

We can help setup the following types of campaigns:

  • Google Search
  • Google Display Network (image ads)
  • YouTube Advertising (video ads)
  • Shopping Campaigns (Google Merchant Centre)
  • Remarketing
  • Dynamic Ads
Our Expertise

Plus being a Google Partner gives us access to a Google representative for ongoing support at no extra cost to you.

Why choose Google Ads?

The e-CBD Difference

We don't charge a commission on how much you spend in Google so we're not interested in making you spend more. In fact, we'd rather you spend less, get better returns and invest those saved $$ into long term internet marketing strategies like SEO. We only charge you for our time.

Your time is valuable and learning to run your own PPC campaigns properly is a big commitment. When you pay for Ads management you are paying for our experience, knowledge and skill.

We design custom advertising campaigns that target high quality keywords - notice we said high quality, not high traffic? One of the biggest mistakes we see in poorly managed Google Ads campaigns is the quality of their keywords:

High Traffic does not = Higher ROI

You need quality keywords that deliver a qualified customer to your website. This little difference pays off dividends.

Conversion Focus

Our Google Ads campaigns are designed to bring you qualified traffic that converts. This is how we measure the success of a campaign, with the ultimate goal being more customers or clients for you. We consider:

We take into account a number of different factors and use a holistic approach to manage our clients’ campaigns. If your current Ads campaign is costing you more than you’re getting back, contact us today to see how we can improve your return on investment.

Results that speak for themselves

Read through some of our case studies to see a sample of excellent results we have achieved for our clients.

Landing page creation

It’s important to make sure your landing page (or the page you’re directing AdWords traffic to) is relevant, of high quality and designed in a way that will encourage conversions rather than turn visitors away, especially when you’re paying for each click.

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We would love to help your business achieve better results online using Google AdWords. To find out more about our AdWords management services contact our local internet marketing team on 07 5531 3810, or fill out our enquiry form.

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Here at e-CBD, we can take care of all of your business’ digital needs, from designing a custom and professional website to all aspects of internet marketing.

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If you haven't met us before, or you don't know us too well, drop us a line or read our profiles, we'd love to get to know you.

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