Websites Need Maintenance

Think of it like regularly servicing your car to maximise performance.

A Maintenance Package Has 3 Core Benefits For Your Business

It Saves you time

It Saves you money

It Protects your Investment

Risks Of Not Using A Website Maintenance Package

Search engines can decrease your site ranking and even blacklist you.

More costly for one off fixes and changes/updates.

Outdated plugins and code can slow down your visitors and look wrong on new browsers.

Hackers look for older code in order to break and spam from.

Old plugins and extras can conflict and stop functionality on your site.

To fix a hacked site costs more than it costs to maintain a up to date site.

Maintenance Packages

Core Updates

We will keep your main content management system up to date ensuring optimal performance.

Plugin Maintenance

We keep all your plugins up to date and check that they will not conflict with other parts of your site.

Plugin Audit

Each plugin is checked for new features that might benefit your business, we will advise you of new functionality that may be suitable for your website.

Theme/Design Checks

We ensure your designs are up to date with the plugins that we are maintaining for you.


Regular Backups are made so you can have peace of mind if any unforseen issues ever arise.

Security & Uptime monitoring

We make sure your site hasn't been compromised and stays online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to host my site?

We can look after your site even if we don't host it, we can't guarantee the hosting side as we don't look after it but we can tell you if your hosting is detrimental to your websites success.

Can you fix my already hacked site?

Yes we can help if your site is already hacked, please contact us on 07 5531 3810 or email

Why is it important to be on a care plan?

Websites built with a Content Management System are typically very stable but like any software it requires monitoring, updates, security checks and ongoing maintenance to run well and insure your visitors get the most of your site.

Why isn't this included in my hosting bill?

Your hosting includes many other services but looking after your website is not one of them. Essentially your hosting can be compared to how you fill your car with petrol to make it run. The care plans are like your car service to make the car run well.

Can't I just update the plugins myself?

Of course you can, but plugins can cause conflicts and errors with other plugins and functions. This can then cause errors that are often not seen straight away, only when trying to use the functionality of your site. We believe an important site like yours should be maintained by a professional who knows where to look for issues and how to stop issues from arising. It is an investment for your work, time and your business. Your time is best spent selling your products and services instead of trying to keep up with website trends and security issues.

Monthly Maintenance Packages

Core Maintenance Plan

$59 monthly

  • Basic Support
  • Monthly plugin checks
  • Uptime & Security Monitoring
  1. - Included in SEO packages
  2. - Only available on our hosting
  3. - Not recommended for Shops

Shop/Advanced Maintenance Plan

$120 monthly

  • Priority Support
  • Weekly plugin checks
  • Uptime & Security Monitoring
  • Software (eCommerce/System) Updates
  • Monthly Report
  • Daily Site Backups
  • Performance/Database Optimisation

Custom Maintenance Plan

If you require a custom maintenance plan for your website please, we can do that too!

Give us a call or email us to discuss your needs.

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Add ons

Want a better presence on Google, help with your social media or just have an older site that needs some much needed attention?

It's been a while Boost

$240 (Once Off)

  • All features in which plan you choose plus..
  • 2 hours of cleanup and updates

SEO Audit


  • All features in which plan you choose plus..
  • A review of the SEO readiness of your site

Social Audit


  • All features in which plan you choose plus..
  • A review of your businesses social presence

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Interested In A Website Maintenance Package?

With a website care plan, you will never have to worry about your website again!

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