Nikhil Patel

Internet Marketing Specialist

Nikhil Patel - Internet Marketing Specialist

My Role Here

Internet Marketing Specialist – Technical SEO, Link Building, Traffic Analysis, Website Auditing, Keyword Research, content optimization and implement latest technological changes in the projects.

Qualifications: MBA (Master of Business Administration), Bond Uni

How The Web Lured Me

Well, I am not sure how and why I got into web industry, but one of my friends was always good with computer and internet technology, he was working in SEO and I got opportunity to work with him. I then my SEO journey was started!

Relaxing After Work Like...

Long drive with friends, Gym, Cricket and adventure hinterland.

You're stuck on a deserted island, food and shelter are sorted - what 3 things do you take with you?

  • Phone – It is very important to me as I can’t live without phone. Being techno person phone can help me a lot while I am away or stuck somewhere, I can search and do most of things of my life like Talk, video, music, capture nature, or myself, and play games etc.
  • Knife – Life without food is not possible, I cant live hungry for atleast two hours. And if I stuck somewhere I want to have something that I can make food myself, I think Knife is very important stuff. 
  • Cricket Kit – In my childhood - I used to play cricket myself (alone) because I was crazy, however If I would have chance in the future then will play for sure. I believe no matter where you are, your passion about sports or any other activities always keep you up and motivated.

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