Susannah Morris Strauss

Social Media Account Manager

My Role Here

I wear two hats at e-CBD. I am Social Media Account Manager and also Copywriter. I really enjoy the creative side to both jobs as I love forming a Social Media strategy for clients and writing a good story.

How The Web Lured Me

Back in 1997, I perfected the art of speed typing as I frequented Teen Chat channels and then in 2007 I got back into working in digital when I took over Dialogix, a social media monitoring company.

Relaxing After Work Like...

I had a daughter, Emmeline, back in July 2016 so when I’m not at work, I’m hanging out with her and my husband. We love going for swims, trying out local cafes and catching up with friends. 

You're stuck on a deserted island, food and shelter are sorted - what 3 things do you take with you?

My extended family to make a bit of a party, table tennis because we’re all super competitive and my Kindle for some downtime.  

Our Services

Here at e-CBD, we can take care of all of your business’ digital needs, from designing a custom and professional website to all aspects of internet marketing.

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