Luke Garfield

Internet Marketing Manager

My Role Here

Lowly internet marketing manager. I mange the market of internets.

How The Web Lured Me

There were some guys playing dice in an alley and they were playing for a degree in web design. I took a punt and rolled snake eyes and the rest is history. It's been a web of deceit ever since.

Relaxing After Work Like...

I have a bridge I live under. There are fish to eat and children to scare so I have my hands full.

You're stuck on a deserted island, food and shelter are sorted - what 3 things do you take with you?

Hmm tough one. Fingerless gloves, pudding skin (chocolate) and one of those hats you can drink two cans of beer from. 

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Here at e-CBD, we can take care of all of your business’ digital needs, from designing a custom and professional website to all aspects of internet marketing.

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