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Digital Advertising Specialist

Aliesha Dickson - Social Media Marketing

My Role Here

My role at e-CBD has changed over the years and I’ve loved every bit of the challenge. I started as a part-time Front-end Web Designer back in 2013. At first, I worked mainly on web updates for different client sites, learning the intricacies of ModX in the process. Soon my part-time role became a full time one and I began coding more sites as well as styling on-page content for better user experience. In 2016 I was given a new challenge looking after clients Social Media Marketing! Now my days are spent creating, managing and optimising Paid Advertising campaigns across Facebook, Instagram and Google for a number of different clients and industries. 

Qualifications: Diploma of Interactive Digital Media

How The Web Lured Me

After leaving school in year 10 to have my daughter, I eventually completed my equivalent high school studies and set off to university. I started out as an Architectural student at QUT where I began to enjoy the area of 3D modelling and architectural visualisation, you know making those photo-realistic concept models. So, I dropped uni and signed up for the Diploma of Interactive Digital Media at TAFE. The course focused around a whole bunch of different digital areas like Sound Engineering, Film & Television, Graphic Design, Animation, 3D modelling and Web Design. It was through this course that I actually fell head-over-heels in love with web design and development. The rest (as they say) is history!

Relaxing After Work Like...

Other than spending time with my little fam-bam – love you guys by the way – I put on my Aliesha Mandy Photography hat, get behind the lens and shoot all sorts of stunning landscapes, oh and I can’t forget about the nightscapes, that Milky Way is far too hard to resist. We are definitely spoilt for choice on this little blue planet we call home. You can check out some of my work on Instagram, Facebook or head over to my website.

You're stuck on a deserted island, food and shelter are sorted - what 3 things do you take with you?

My family would be #1, obviously! I don’t know how I would survive without either of them – plus I’m not the strongest gal out there so I’d need the strength and skill of my hubby to protect me from any threats on the island. Next item on the list would have to be my photography kit. I can’t be out in the middle of nature without it – imagine all the sunrises, the sunsets, the storms, oh wait the dark skies... boy my head is spinning with all the possibilities! Finally, I would have to take my series of Outlander novels. Even though I’ve already read most of them a couple of times, there are currently 9 massive books in the series and you can NEVER have too much Jamie Fraser – girls you know what I mean!

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Here at e-CBD, we can take care of all of your business’ digital needs, from designing a custom and professional website to all aspects of internet marketing.

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