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“But I never click on those Ads…”
– Yes but lots of other people do.

Aside from the obvious confusion that natural Search Marketing (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) can create (i.e. which results are paid for), which service to choose once you understand the two can also be a difficult decision. We’re here to help! We’ll help you determine which type of internet marketing to use.

But I never click on those Ads …

Yes but lots of other people do.

Many clients who come in for an SEO consult respond with the words above when we suggest PPC advertising as a strategy or interim strategy to drive quality traffic to their website. The truth of the matter is that approximately 27% of searchers do click on those ads and a good PPC campaign with suitable landing pages, copy and keywords can be a great way to drive quality, converting traffic to your website.  

So which is it PPC, SEO or Both?

Here is a comparison of PPC and SEO to help you have a better understanding of the benefits of the two:

Cost Initial Costs are similar or higher than PPC Consistent Cost Budget
Suitable for All sites Most sites but some industries more suitable including:

  • e-commerce
  • service based businesses
  • building branding
  • Long term ROI is excellent
  • Broader and more inclusive
  • Immediate short term results
  • Highly targeted
  • Good for competitive industries
  • a great “stop gap” strategy while SEO is taking effect
  • Takes time to see results (3 -12 months)
  • Not as targeted for promoting specific pages
  • Can be too costly (for the budget conscious)
  • It is never going to cost you nothing for a click
  • Poorly run campaigns can waste money

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