Local Directories – Which Ones & Tips on Using Them

The following list of directories is certainly not exhaustive; however after using these (and countless others) over the past couple of years, I consider the sites listed below to be very effective in providing businesses without a big marketing budget a range of free promotion tools that actually work.

They’ve stood the test of time, perform well in search engines for local search, get a lot of visitors, and continuously improve and upgrade their systems with new features (and did I mention they’re free?).

Queensland Directories

We have a lot of local clients, so the following sites get a lot of use.

Australia-Wide Directories

Industry Specific Directories

Our Tips for Great Directory Listings

  • Google your business name and claim any and all listings that your business has on the web.
  • Fill out all details as completely as possible – use the free tools for extra promotion that most directories provide.
  • Be accurate with all contact details – these can be seen as citations and will feed to your Google Places listing.
  • Avoid link farms and ‘bad neighbourhood’ sites – is this just a collection of uncategorised links? Is there any benefit to the end user for having visited this site? What kind of sites will my business be placed next to?
  • If you can include HTML in your description, do so! Bold your headings, use bullet points and if you can add a link to your site within the body/description, do so using strong anchor text.
  • Watch your spelling & layout of profile – include bullet points, headings, paragraphs – this will encourage people to read your profile and make it easy for them to find the information they’re looking for.
  • Always include images with your listing, even if it’s just one. This will encourage more click-throughs to your listing and will help you to stand out.
  • Keep a document or spreadsheet of all the directories that you sign up to, including the date and your account login information – this way you will always have access to edit your listings and view statistics if available.
  • Check Google Analytics regularly to see where your referral visits are coming from – try and improve your listings on the directories bringing you traffic.

Know of any others? Feel free to comment below!

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