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3 Tips For A Strong Facebook Foundation

Today I’m going to give you 3 tips to get your Facebook page running smoothly and effectively.

1. Optimise your profile & use a recognisable profile picture

Which Facebook page has the best presentation?

Gold Coast Titans Facebook page


Gold Coast Suns Facebook pageThe main difference here is the lack of an “About” description for the Titans. They decided that their website URL was good enough. The Suns give you a reason to visit their site and let you know what you can do once you’re there.

The cover photo images are good, but the profile pics are where I’m going to have to dock The Titans a few more points.

Profile Picture

Gold Coast Titans profile pic VS. Gold Coast Suns profile pic

It’s really hard to have an image that looks recognisable when it’s shrunk like that. The Titans have misused their profile pic by using it for an ad which turns to mush when shrunk. The Suns opted to use their logo instead. Anyone slightly familiar with the brand will instantly recognise the tiny logo.

2. Post content which your fans would find interesting

how ripe is my avo?Woolworths is a big brand, but here they’ve posted content which doesn’t mention Woolworths in any way. This graphic could have been made by anyone. It’s just a nice bit of content that their fans will find useful and share with others, thus broadening Woolworths’ reach.

When you find good content, share it with your audience. Even if you didn’t make it. You need to give your users a reason to keep coming back and constantly providing good content does the trick.

3. Be genuine

Here’s 2 examples from Facebook of customers engaging with businesses. Guess which one did a better job of being genuine?

olive garden not being helpful


Lady Jane being genuine

Obviously Lady Jane wins this round, but is it just all about the number of comments back and forth? No. Comments are engagement, but they’re not necessarily genuine.

George reached out to Olive Garden and told them what he and his friends wanted. Olive Garden responded by pointing him to a generic contact page which doesn’t even address his issue. Instead Olive Garden should have at least acknowledged George’s suggestion and said they would pass it on to management. That would make George feel like Olive Garden was genuine and as engaged with him and he was with them. On the other hand Lady Jane does an awesome job at being genuine with each person who engages with them.

3 golden rules to rule them all

These three tips are really easy to implement, but I see them ignored every day. Once you have a good profile picture and your bio is filled out you really don’t have much upkeep with it. Posting useful content and engaging your users is really what it’s all about; do those two things and you’ll be doing a better job than the majority of your competition.

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