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Writing That Pesky “About Us” Page

Less guff and fluff, more of the real stuff. In that spirit let’s get to it*:

1. Make sure you know what your about us page says – in fact that goes for all pages of the site. It can be awkward if a previous employee or manager wrote some frilly words that don’t hold true today and a customer quotes them back to you.

2. Back up your superlatives with proof. If you’re the best tell them why. If you’re “the original” tell that story. Also – stop being generic! Don’t write about your industry write about your company.

3. Don’t promise a “great customer experience”. Tell them specific things you are going to do to take care of them: free shipping, 100% money back guarantee, phone and email support 7 days a week etc.

4. You remember that episode of the Brady Bunch where Peter is told he has no personality and so he creates different personas? Be yourself – it’s easier and you won’t drop the ball and disappoint people when they find out you’re not the multi-national company you pretended to be. Seriously, honesty will serve you well in the long run in all areas of your business.

Glamour Photo: Man With Dog5. Real photos. Yep get your mug or collective mugs on your site. You’re not half as bad looking as you think you are. Stock photography has a place but unfortunately it’s not on your about page. Take some time and budget to get good looking photos. If you’re DIYing read some articles on group and portrait photography.

6. Video – its the internet. Make full use of the medium. Word of warning, whilst budget shouldn’t limit you from making a video, a poorly planned and shot video won’t help your cause. Here is a helpful article on creating an “explainer video” on the cheap.

7. Awards and accreditations. Like your superlatives from point two, use credential building accreditations – don’t just throw as many as you possibly can on the page – quantity does not equal quality as the proverbial “they” say.

8. Keep it up-to-date. Enough said.

9. User testing. Get your friends, family and anyone you can get to sit down for 5 minutes to sit down and read through you’re About Us page and quiz them on what they’ve learnt. You’ll soon know what needs to be fixed. You can apply this to most of your pages …

10. Don’t be shy. That’s right, use an even hand when you’re writing about your business. If your business was rubbish why start up in the first place – don’t be too modest. Give them your CV and why you’re the company for the job.

Weet-Bix in bowl11. Tell a story. It doesn’t have to be your history or include a car chase. Just make it interesting and compelling. If you’re bored reading and reluctant to write it because it will be as dry as a mouth full of Weet-Bix, you need to spice that sucker up.

12. Include your contact details – because it’s helpful.

13. Our Team – include one where appropriate. People like to know who they’re dealing with.

14. Careers with us – is this an appropriate time to put out the feelers for some new employees? You decide.

This list is by no way conclusive but hopefully it will help give you some thoughts to get you to review or rewrite that pesky about us page.

*Inspiration for this post was drawn from this great article: 8 Ways To Improve Your About Us Page

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