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Top 10 Social Media Marketing Tips


Social media is one of the most powerful tools for your, business’ marketing strategy, thus it’s constantly changing and growing. If you need us to help your brand and company move with the ever-changing times, give us a call (07) 55313810 to arrange a time when we can speak all things social media.

In the meantime, we’ve created a list of 10 Social Media Marketing tips:


Create a Social Media Strategy and Schedule that is manageable and consistent. Find your voice, keep your audience engaged and wanting to come back for more.

A good social media calendar is of great help in staying consistent when it comes to content creation and timely publication. With calendars, you can allocate resources more effectively and improve teamwork among marketing groups. You can also plan ahead of public holiday/events/promotions to get the most out of your marketing campaign. 


Create shareable content. Produce high-quality content that your audience is instantly interested in and want to share.

You can easily install social sharing plug-ins like Social Warfare to your WordPress site, making it easier for visitors to find your sharing buttons on your website whenever you published new content.


Use management tools like HootSuite and Buffer that allow you to schedule posts into the future, so you can rest assure you clients hear from you even on a day off!

By using your comprehensive content calendar and a third-party app, you can conveniently and timely schedule the content in your calendar well ahead of time, leaving you more time to work on other aspect of oyu strategy. 


Consistent branding. Make sure there is a clear connection between your brand and your message. Don’t just post a pretty picture, post something that will resonate with your audience.

Also, your audience can easily spot if you’re not being authentic. To build a loyal customer base, you have to be. Make sure your posts convey the same look and feel as your brand, and don’t try and jump on any ‘trendy bandwagons’ just to be current if it doesn’t resonate with your brand image.  


Social media segmentation. Find what social media platform works best for you, your brand and your audience.. You don’t have to do everything, just do 1 (or a few) things well.

Using segmentation, you break up your your audience demographics  between different social media platforms. This practice gives  you an understanding of the different groups of people using various channels, so you know which channels to employ to reach those groups


Brands that do well on social media engage with their community. Communication is going to be the foundation of all that you do.

This means you need to make it really easy for your followers to contact and to talk to you. At the same time you need to consider how you communicate on each platform.. The way you communicate on Facebook will evoke a difference response if you tried the same method on Twitter. It will fall flat.

Social media tips with e-cbd


Facebook advertising is extremely powerful, if you target the right audience. After Facebook, Instagram is another conducive social media environment for building businesses.

Instagram ads are a great tool for driving your brand awareness, increase your customer landscape, and share stories and live videos with your followers. The different kinds of Instagram ads include video ads, photo ads, carousel ads, and storytelling ads.


Look at your competition. Take a look at the type of content they’re posting and how they engage with their audience. Is it working for them?

There’s a lot to learn from looking at you competitors, both good and bad. 


Social Media is not all about selling, that’s what your website is for. Social Media helps gives buyers a reason to choose you and not your competitors. How can you stand out?


Your reputation is the most valuable asset your business has, so be prepared for negative comments and create a strategy to deal with them.

For more help on reputation management, read our helpful series on social media monitoring. We’ll look at some nifty tips and tricks of the trades, but also at some examples of reputation management gone awry.

If you need help with your social media marketing – whether that’s a marketing strategy to be scheduled and implemented by us or just some friendly advice, get in touch with us today by calling (07) 5531 3810. We’re happy to help you in any way we can.

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