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Top 10 Social Media Marketing Tips

Social Media turns 13 this year and like a teenager, it’s constantly changing and growing. If you need us to help your brand and company move with the ever-changing times, give us a call (07) 55313810 to arrange a time when we can speak all things social media.

In the meantime, we’ve created a list of 11 Social Media Marketing Tips for 2016:

  1. Create a Social Media Strategy & Schedule that is manageable and consistent. Find your voice, keep your audience engaged and wanting to come back for more.
  1. Create shareable content. Produce high-quality content that your audience is instantly interested in and want to share.

  1. Use management tools like HootSuite and Buffer that allow you to schedule posts into the future.
  1. Make sure there is a clear connection between your brand and your message. Don’t just post a pretty picture, post something that will resonate with your audience.
  1. Find what social media platform works best for you. You don’t have to do everything, you just have to do 1 (or a few) things well.
  1. Brands that do well on social media engage with their community. Social Media can give you the ability to delve into your buyers likes and dislikes so use that knowledge to increase your sales.
  1. Facebook advertising is extremely powerful, if you target the right audience. Instagram now has advertising too!
  1. Look at your competition. Take a look at the type of content they’re posting and how they engage with their audience. Is it working for them?
  1. Social Media is not all about selling, that’s what your website is for. Social Media helps gives buyers a reason to choose you and not your competitors. How can you stand out?
  1. Your reputation is the most valuable asset your business has, so be prepared for negative comments and create a strategy to deal with them.


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