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On average, over 76% of your potential customers search online for a finance company before actually engaging a money lender, finance broker, financial advisor or loan specialist.

If you're running a business in the finance sector within Australia and you don't have a professional website, it's likely you're losing customers to rival companies.

In 2020 and beyond, it's absolutely essential that every serious financial services company invests in a professional finance website. Without a professional and authentic web presence, it's impossible for you to build the credibility and establish the trust required to gain new customers.

Grow Your Finance Business with Professional Website Design

Continuously generating new and relevant leads is the lifeblood of many businesses in the finance sector. Getting your financial business online with a website is one of the best methods of getting your products and services in front of potential customers.

At e-CBD, we've had over 20+ years experience in Digital Marketing and Custom Website Design. We've built many successful, lead generating websites for many different finance companies, finance brokers, money lenders and even an ASX listed Fractional Investment company. 

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Questions About Financial Services Web Design

Here are some of the most common questions we get asked in regards to Finance business website design and development in Australia.


Why Does A Financial Services Firm Need A Website?

Websites are simply a MUST for any professional business these days.

The internet has dramatically changed the way consumers discover and interact with businesses. Everyday consumers are now turning to their mobile phones and computers when:

  • Searching for information.
  • Seeking quick answers to their questions.
  • Searching for the products and services they need.
  • Researching businesses and companies when deciding who they should spend money with.

It is essential to harness the power of your website if you are running any business within the finance sector. 

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Customers Need Assurance

In the finance industry, consumers want to do business with companies they know are competent and with whom they trust. Demonstrating your expertise and convincing your audience to trust you is achievable with a professional website and digital marketing strategy.

Websites Allow New Customers To Come Directly To You

Without a website, you're missing out on being discovered by your target audience which is costing you leads, sales and customers. Although, sometimes having a poorly executed website is going to hurt the credibility of your business even more than not having a website at all.

You could be the best Finance company in Australia, but you will be left behind by your competitors if you continue doing business without a professional Financial services website.

How Can A Website Help A Finance Company Get More Clients?

Many (if not all) of your potential customers are searching online for information regarding financial services and/or finance professionals.

A professional website is the best way to show your potential clients:

  • You understand and empathise with the financial issues they are dealing with.
  • How you can assist them with their finances and get a great outcome.
  • Your company's point of difference when compared to your competitors in the finance industry.
  • A list of your financial services and/or the financial products you offer.
  • Testimonials and reviews from other happy clients whom you've assisted with their finances.
  • The human side of your business including your mission, staff members, qualifications, experience and company history.
  • Your expertise through useful information in the form of FAQs, articles, advice and useful tools like calculators.
  • How easily they can submit an online application form or enquire to speak to one of your helpful staff.

Attracting Customers with Rich Financial Content

Your target audience will start to naturally find your website when you create high quality content about your financial products and services. 

When content is done well, both search engines (like Google) and your customers will start to consider your website to be an authority on a variety of finance related topics. Your website traffic will start to grow as you regularly add relevant content and also keep your old articles up-to-date.

Rich content includes detailed answers to frequently asked questions, long form articles about relevant finance topics, creating engaging infographics and videos. Essentially, you want to produce useful, relevant information that will assist your target audience.

Acquiring New Customers on Autopilot

As your web traffic grows, your website will convert some of these visitors into new customers for your business. The goal here is to attract as much relevant search traffic as possible (see our SEO Services) and convert as many of these visitors as you can into paying clients.

You'll need a professional, intelligent and strategically designed website with relevant, eye-catching calls-to-action in order to achieve the highest possible rate of conversion. In the lending sector, your customers will likely want to submit finance applications so it's important your website has an application form which is concise and user-friendly.

This new customer acquisition through your website can start to occur automatically when coupled with a holistic digital marketing strategy.

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What Is Required To Make A Successful Finance Website?

Over the years, we've designed and developed many successful Finance industry websites, including loan provider, accounting firms, investment companies and brokers. Here are what we consider to be the most important ingredients of a high performing, industry leading Finance website.

A Clear Message

Your home page content should be written in a clear and concise way. This means leaving out the jargon and avoiding being "too clever" or tongue in cheek with your writing.

Ensure your website copy shows empathy for your customers by identifying their problems and offering your unique solution to solve the problem.

Your website needs to be so simple that a user knows within 5 seconds:

  • What you're offering.
  • How it will make their life better.
  • What they need to do to do business with you.

Obvious Calls-To-Action

Ensure your Finance website design makes it really easy for a visitor to convert. Make your calls-to-action obvious by using a brighter or contrasting colour so they draw the eye.

Always have a primary call to action button available for the user to click. This can be placed on the top right of screen, fixed to the right side of the screen or even displayed in a fixed bar at the bottom of the screen.

Don't be afraid to ask for the sale, be sure to call the user to action often on your website. If your website is split into different sections of content, it's recommended to call the user to action after each section.

User-Friendly Loan Application Form

On many Finance websites, the ultimate conversion is to get users going through the application process.

A detailed application form will allow your staff to filter out the undesirable enquiries from the hot leads and get in contact with them accordingly. 

It's important to trim down the unnecessary form fields on the application form so it is quick, simple and not intimidating for the user. Application forms may need to split into sections or a step-by-step format to make them easier for the user to digest.

The goal of streamlining the application forms is to minimise drop-offs (users who start filling out the application and then quit midway through).

Responsive Design with a Focus on Mobile

All modern websites need to be responsive, meaning they automatically adjust and work well across a range of device sizes from mobile to tablet to laptop to desktop.

Mobile phone web browsing is continues to grow in popularity, so it's crucial you do more with the mobile view of your website to make it easier for customers to navigate and convert.

A couple of things you can do is offer click-to-call buttons on mobile, design a specific call-to-action for mobile phone users and also design the user interface to behave more like a mobile application than a single column website.

Display Interest Rates Information

The best performing finance websites provide users the important information up front. 

If you offer interest rates or you work with companies who do, it will be to your benefit if you can display these rates on your website.

Some companies offer data feeds of current interest rate information we can access and display on your website with custom programming using an API.

Comprehensive Information About Financial Products & Services 

Do your due diligence when creating content for your products and services pages.

People are coming to your website to learn more about what you offer and how you can help them, so be sure to provide as much detailed information as possible. Nobody wants to read a page with thin content, and having quality information will also benefit your (SEO) search rankings.

Comprehensive information will also make your business appear more authoritative and trustworthy in the eyes of your consumer. Remember, consumers perfer to do business with companies they like and trust.

Helpful Videos

Video is taking over the web and it is much more engaging for users than reading walls of text.

Make it a priority to script and produce short, useful videos. Topics you can cover in these videos include your services, relevant finance news and answers to frequently asked questions to name a few.

Appropriate video content makes an excellent addition to your product/service pages and it can also be uploaded to video sharing platforms like YouTube or Vimeo to help you find even more customers.

Informative Articles with Useful Content

Regularly produce informative, long form articles (600 words or more) with useful information for your customers and/or target audience.

Link out to relevant sources and try to provide as much value as possible to your users. If an article is especially popular, you could look to include an explainer video as well.

Add in relevant calls-to-action on these articles and you'd be surprised so many extra leads you can generate for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Listen to your customers and take note of common questions or misconceptions you hear all the time. 

Create frequently asked questions with thorough answers to assist your users and demonstrate your expertise.

Calculators & Finance Tools

Many visitors find themselves on Finance websites because they need to use a finance tool or calculator.

If relevant to your product offering, ensure your website offers a suite of related tools such as a mortgage calculator, interest calculator or loan repayment calculator.

Testimonials & Recent Reviews

Finance websites are all about building a sense of authenticity and trust with potential customers so they feel comfortable doing business with you.

Demonstrate your excellent reputation by showcasing testimonials as well as recent review scores from independent sources like ProductReview, Google My Business or Facebook.

Video testimonials are highly influential and one of the most authentic and effective forms of social proof for a prospective customer.



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