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Is Your Website Ready For The Commonwealth Games?

Ready for the Commonwealth GamesThere’s no denying the Gold Coast is in store for busy times in the lead up to 2018. We’re expecting a massive influx of visitors looking for places to stay, ways to get around, places to dine, to shop, and things to see and do.

When this potential boost in revenue hits our shores, is your website going handle it, or will it send tourists in search of your competitors?

Make sure your site stacks up against our website checklist…

Is your website Commonwealth Games ready?

Is it responsive?

A responsive website detects what device a visitor is using and responds by adjusting the layout and design to suit the size of the screen and user system. This means your site appears at its best, whether it’s on a desktop computer, tablet or smart phone.

GCCEC Mobile siteMore and more people are accessing the web via mobile devices and tourists are far more likely to be using these rather than the desktop they left at home. If your website is slow or poorly set out on mobile devices, users are likely to get frustrated and leave for an easier to use site. Search engines like Google even rank websites lower based on poor mobile usability, for this very reason.

Have a look at your website on your mobile phone and a tablet to see how it adjusts for different screen sizes. Is it easy to access the menu and call to action buttons? Can you access the information you’re looking for, or do you spend ages scrolling through needless blocks of text?

For an idea of how a website could look on mobile devices, browse our mobile website designs.


How’s your website content? Is it clear, up to date, and directing visitors to make contact, a booking or purchase?

Gold Coast Jet XWhether it’s an explanation of your services, directions to your location, or well-worded leads to your booking buttons, your content can make the difference between a passive website, and one that converts traffic into business.

Read through the content on your site to see if it’s up to date, relevant to what your customers want, and if it encourages them to use your business. Does it answer the questions your customers ask? If not, it may be time to update your content.


While the aesthetics of your website may seem like a subjective point, there are still best practices that have been tried, tested, and proven to retain traffic longer and convert more visitors into customers.

Think about whether your website is pleasing to the eye, and how it fares in the following areas;

Rich Typography – Making use of a mix of typefaces, large fonts and animated text that direct the eye to important information and calls to action.

Fluid Design – The overall look of the site should flow seamlessly from one page to the next, and across desktop computers, tablets, smart phones and other mobile devices.

Asymmetry – Symmetry can look pleasing to the eye, but features that break the rules of typical templates with overlapping elements and vibrant open composition can really grab attention.

High-quality, Authentic Photography – Stock photography is everywhere, and it often looks like stock photography. Having high quality images of your business, staff, work or products in a local setting help you stand out as professional, but still local.

Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre WebsiteIf there’s anything about your website you’d like to talk to us about, now is the time to do it. We can work out a strategy to make sure your website is ready for the high traffic the Commonwealth Games are going to bring over the next 12 months.

For more information you can send us an enquiry, or call us on 1300 733 088 today.

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