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A Recap of Good Ideas

What you could and probably should be doing digitally right now.

We’ve sent out a lot of emails lately. That’s because we’ve got some really good ideas for how your business can diversify and strengthen during this pandemic. We thought we’d give you a recap of some of these ideas.

Move your bricks and mortar store online in under 48 hours.

Over the past months, we’ve seen most stores having to close their doors, which has meant your customers can no longer visit you. An eCommerce store can always remain open. Whether your physical doors stay shut for a few weeks or months, an online store is one way to future proof your business. Our team can build an online store in under 48 hours. Priced from $1200, we make the transition swift and painless.

Keep your customers happy with online ordering.

We know it’s tough in the hospitality industry right now, with restaurants and cafes having to diversify and look towards take-away only options. Therefore, our team would like to help you keep your customers happy. We can implement an online ordering system for your business and have you up and running within 48 hours. Don’t rely on expensive food delivery apps – keep all of that income firmly in your own pocket.

Implement a gift certificate system.

Gif certificates can help boost your online business

There’s no time like the present for your business to evolve and we’re pretty keen on that evolution including digital gift certificates. Implementing a digital gift certificate system into your website will allow your customers to show their continued support and let you know that they’ll be back in the future – giving you the confidence to keep on going. Perfect for an online store, restaurant or really any business offering a service.

Maintain your online presence with SEO.

At e-CBD we recommend you definitely continue your SEO services at this time. By ensuring that you’re still visible in online searches you will keep your business competitive today, and in the future. Whether it be your current package or with a more flexible approach, we are here to keep you front of mind with customers.

Use email to stay in-touch with your customers.

Use email marketing to stay in touch with customers

With everything being so crazy at the moment, it’s an important time to connect with your customers. You don’t need to sell anything. Just be honest with where your business is at and what you can still do for them. Or, if you are now offering a delivery service or have moved your business online, you should totally let them know where they can find you.

With email marketing being such a powerful channel of connection, now is the time to send an email to your database and say “hey”. Talk to us about how we can help you get your message out.

Connect Socially.

And finally, while we’re all physically distancing, let’s connect sociallybut virtually. Use your social media platforms to reconnect and maintain that connection with your customers. With everyone on their phones so much at the moment, now is the time to ramp up your activity.

Connect socially with e-cbd

If you need advice about what to post or just someone to get your profiles looking good, our team can give you the help you need. Or, we can take over the reins completely and implement a Social Media Marketing Strategy for your business.

You can even connect with us on Facebook or Instagram.

If you need help with any of the above, or are just not sure what your business needs to do right now, get in touch with us today by calling (07) 5531 3810.

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