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How To Optimise Your Twitter Profile


How many things on this Twitter account can be optimised?

poorly optimised twitter profile

No peeking!


Everything is wrong with this account, but let’s see if you spotted everything.

  1. Slightly spammy name
  2. Slightly spammy Twitter handle (@PayrollSoftware), unless the name of the company is true “Payroll Software” then this is silly and not helpful
  3. The default Twitter egg as the avatar
  4. No bio
  5. No URL listed
  6. Following only 1 other account
  7. Only Twitter bot accounts are followers
  8. Only 1 tweet
  9. Last activity was from years ago
  10. No custom/branded background image

Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments.

Setting Up A Twitter Account

I’m not going to go through the whole process with you, but let’s start with your twitter handle. For businesses, I suggest using something resembling the brand name. Currently, Twitter only allows 15 characters in the handle. If your name is already taken or if the account hasn’t been used for a long time then you can ask Twitter to release it to you if you have it properly trademarked and all that jazz.

If you already have a Twitter account you are able to change your handle whenever you like so no need to start a new account from scratch.

Twitter Profile

We’ve gone over social profile optimisation in the past so let’s look at someone that’s already doing it right: Burleigh Brewing

burleighbrewing on Twitter

  • They use an appropriate name + handle
  • The bio is filled out along with location, URL, quality avatar & branded background
  • They engage with others and post relevant and rich content (images & links)


When you’re starting out set your goals low until you’re comfortable with Twitter. Start by tweeting once every few days. Don’t talk about yourself all the time either, talk about what your customers will find interesting. If you’re a fantastic brewery then post links to interesting beer news and give a little 1 sentence commentary.

Follow your competition and quietly observe what they’re doing. When you notice your competition getting lots of engagement make note of what they’re doing and do the same thing, but better. It’s going to start off slow, but if you stick with it and are creative then you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results.

In a future post, we’ll go over what to tweet when you’re all out of ideas. Until then you should follow e-cbd on Twitter ; )


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