Facebook Algorithm Update 2018

Facebook Update 2018

You may or may not be aware that Facebook have made changes to the algorithm of their News Feed. This fundamental shift will decrease the amount of public content you see from businesses, brands and media showing up on your New Feed.

By tuning our publishers and brands, Facebook means to focus on more “meaningful interactions” in order to make your time on Facebook well spent and good for you. This means you’ll see more posts from friends, family, groups and pages that are deemed trustworthy.

So, I guess the big question for businesses and brands is… “What Can I do About It?”

1. Audience

Know your audience. Know who you want to target and know what they want to know about.

2. Quality

You’ll never be short of an audience if the content you are sending out is quality. As publishers on social media your job is to make people feel – whether that’s laughing, thinking or learning.

3. Engagement

In order to help your Facebook page become trustworthy to the all-seeing eyes of Facebook, you need to encourage your community to engage. Producing content that encourages meaningful “back-and-forth-discussion” will help drive your content to the top of our News Feed and will help your organic reach.

4. Facebook Advertising

Facebook still has to make money so, ads aren’t going anywhere. In fact, we believe that 2018 is set to be a big year for businesses advertising on Facebook. It is still relatively inexpensive compared to other forms of advertising and you can really target your desired audience. Things have definitely got a lot trickier than just ‘Boosting’ a post.

Don’t fall off the great Facebook cliff of 2018, e-CBD’s Social Media Marketing Team are on hand to help you create content, help engage with your community and to generate Facebook Ads that really work.

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