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Choosing the Right SEO Company – Part 1: Factors To Consider

What is SEO? (and why do I need it?)

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Search Engine Optimisation, commonly known as SEO, is an ongoing process of techniques and strategies designed to enhance a website’s visibility and ranking on search engines such as Google, Bing, and others. The main goal of this digital marketing aspect is to increase the non-paid (organic) traffic to a website by making it more accessible and attractive to search engine algorithms.

SEO consists of a variety of techniques and elements that help search engines understand the content of a website and its relevance to specific search queries. Knowing what those elements are and how they work is crucial to understanding why SEO is so important. In simple terms, why have a website if no one can find it?


Importance of SEO: Understanding the Difference Between Paid and Organic

Paid search, often done with platforms like Google Ads, aims to make your website visible by paying for it. Organic SEO works in a different way. It uses well-written and optimised content, target keywords, and good strategies to gradually make your website more visible without needing immediate payment.

In essence, while paid searches can deliver quick and targeted visibility, they are bound by the duration of your active campaign. In contrast, organic SEO efforts have the opportunity to increase ranks naturally and assure a lasting presence in search engine results. Both strategies have their merits, but understanding the differences is crucial for devising a comprehensive digital marketing approach that caters to both immediate impact and sustained growth.

We established that SEO is important but where and how do you start? There is no shame in seeking the help of a professional SEO agency. Let’s look at the factors to be considered when choosing the right SEO provider.


Factors to Consider When Choosing an SEO Company

Look at the agency portfolio, expertise, and track record

Seek out agencies with a track record in your industry and the precise SEO services you require. Examine their website, online reviews, and case studies for evidence of their expertise.

Choose an Ethical Company

Prior to signing an agreement with an SEO agency, ensure their alignment with search engine guidelines. Agencies adopting so-called Black Hat SEO tactics, which stand for unethical optimisation practices, may result in fast traffic gains, but can eventually carry risks of online exclusion/ban.

Guaranteed Results? No.

Google’s search algorithm is constantly being updated, so it is important that agencies stay up to date with these updates and adopt appropriate measures in clients’ SEO strategies. Having said that, it’s crucial to understand that no one can promise you a particular ranking or a specific traffic volume. The desired promise is one of adherence to search engine guidelines for the optimisation process and maintaining high-quality work.

Seek transparency and honesty

When considering an SEO agency, it is crucial to choose one that is transparent and willing to provide thorough explanations and answers to your questions. Be cautious of firms that withhold information or operate in a secretive manner, as they may engage in unethical practices such as black hat SEO. SEO is a straightforward and transparent practice, there is no “secret sauce” and a reputable firm will openly share its process, educate you on the principles of SEO, and provide insights into their methods and strategies.

There Is No Fast and Cheap

While internet marketing is a cost-effective advertising method, it is essential to understand that effective SEO requires time and investment. Any company that promises immediate results with a one-time fee should not be trusted. Successful internet marketing requires a gradual approach to achieving goals and understanding search engine algorithms which are continuously updated.

Comprehensive Reporting

When considering joining forces with a company, it is crucial to inquire about its reporting process and methodology. While Google Analytics is valuable, it is not merely enough and a thorough analysis of the website’s performance and effectiveness is crucial. A truly valuable partner will assess your historical data and create a tailored strategy according to those results.


Summary – Why choose e-CBD? – SEO Digital Agency Gold Coast

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Know Your Customer and Know Us!

At e-CBD we take pride in understanding our clients. Equally important to us is fostering a genuine connection beyond just making a good first impression. Face-to-face meetings with a client are essential for fruitful cooperation. We want to make sure that there is enough room for us to get to know you, the business, and the objectives, and for you – the potential client to meet and understand our processes, approach, and capabilities. We believe that an informed decision can only be made when all parties have had the chance to interact and exchange ideas, and please note that regardless of a scheduled meeting, our doors are always open for you to come and ask questions.

Let Us Help You Understand SEO

Over the years we had encountered clients with the misconception that SEO is centered around a content strategy. Let us say – no. SEO is more than just high-quality content and goes beyond keyword research and blog writing. In fact, there are numerous technical aspects involved that are essential for achieving high rankings and providing users with a seamless website experience. We want to help you understand the particulars of SEO, its capabilities, and how integral it is to the success of your business.

Monthly Website Updates

Some SEO companies tend to “front-load” the work, allowing it to run its course and observe its outcomes. While this approach may be effective in certain cases, it often leads to paying for several months of work without achieving meaningful or customized results. At e-CBD our slogan is “listen, create and grow” which means we not only provide regular monthly reports, but we analyse the data and findings to tailor the most effective strategy for you and your business. We take into consideration what has been successful, what hasn’t, market trends, and seasonal variations, and adapt your strategy accordingly on a monthly basis.

High SEO Reporting Standards

Our monthly reports contain comprehensive breakdowns of various metrics, including organic traffic, keyword rankings, conversion tracking, etc. While some agencies may focus solely on increasing organic traffic through blog creation and link building, we understand the importance of measuring the relevance of this traffic to the business through conversions and conversion rates. Additionally, we offer interpretation services for our new clients’ first reports, ensuring transparency and allowing clients to understand the metrics tracked and in fact assess the effectiveness of our work and strategy.

Setting Expectations

Answering the question “How long until I see results?” is a hard one to answer. Organic traffic needs time and that very much depends on what has been done in the past (particularly if you are coming to us as a new client), the current level of website SEO optimisation, search engine rankings, the authority of current online presence, what is the market situation like in your industry and variety of other factors. SEO is not a sprint – it is a marathon and you can’t pay your way there, organic search requires a natural – organic progression.


Choosing a reputable agency may be a difficult, but not an impossible task. Let us help you navigate the SEO waters, build a strong SEO campaign, and contact e-CBD for a free consultation, today.

e-CBD is a digital marketing agency on Gold Coast offering SEO budget-friendly solutions. Our in-house team of experienced SEO experts and marketing professionals is here to help you drive sales, increase rankings in the search engine, and boost your online visibility to make sure your business goals are met.


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