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Landing Page Design

Are you sending your costly Pay-Per-Click traffic to your website home page?

Unless your web designer did a killer job making your home page a well-tuned lead-generating machine, you’re wasting money.

The last thing a potential customer wants is to click an ad for a product or service, only to be sent to a generic page that is unrelated to the ad they clicked on and requires them to navigate their way to find the promotion.

Don’t do it. Stop those ads right now and get a landing page.

A landing page is a single page on your website with a specific purpose. This is typically to sell a product or service, or get visitors to opt in to a mailing list and within a conversion funnel.

Landing pages are typically associated with a campaign or advertisement and are a crucial element of an effective digital marketing strategy. 

Why do I need a landing page?

You’ve set up a Facebook or Google Ads campaign and potential leads are clicking to your website. You know your products are great, or your newsletter is really interesting, or your services actually work, but no one wants to take the next step and call/hire/buy something from you. It could be because of a poor landing page experience.

Notice we didn’t say ‘poorly designed’. It’s entirely possible to have a landing page that looks beautiful, but doesn’t convert. Ultimately this is because the landing page is missing crucial elements that get visitors across the line to complete the MDA (Most-Desired-Action). 


How do you create an effective landing page?

Here are some key features that successful landing pages have in common that help make them the sales-converting-machines they should be!

A Clear & Simple Call To Action

The most important aspect of an effective landing page is the Call To Action. What is it you want your visitors to do? What is the goal of the landing page? Whether you’re launching a new product, wanting new leads, promoting an online course or wanting visitors to opt in to your list, your landing page must have a clear and focused Call To Action (CTA) to direct visitors to the next step.

Some key things to note about effective CTA’s are:

  • Sweeten the deal by offering an incentive – for example a discount, free gift or free shipping
  • Don’t confuse the visitor with too many CTA’s – keep it focused for greater effectiveness
  • Use ‘urgent’ language to encourage quick action, for example: Sale ends November 30th, Buy now and win, Limited stock
  • High and prominent placement. Don’t clutter the CTA with other content.
  • It might seem obvious, but use a constrasting colour for your CTA.
  • Size matters – but you don’t have to go overboard.

Compelling Headline & Content

Landing pages need a strong headline and introductory text. You need to be able to describe what you are offering and articulate the value that you are providing, and you need to be able to do it quickly – after all its the first thing on the page that your visitors will read.

If you’re running ads, then this header should also compliment the Ad copy. Having matching terminology on the landing page and within the ad can also help with your Ad quality score in Google which can in turn reduce your cost per click.

Your landing page copy needs to focus on explaining the benefits of your product or offering first, not just what it does or how it works. 

You also need to include the pain points that your visitors are likely feeling, or in other words the problem that you are going to help solve. The more specific you can be, the better. 

Why should they choose you over your competitor? What is your unique selling proposition? This information should come next, followed by what they will get if they sign up. 

Being able to summarise key points into bullet points such as the benefits, pain points and what they receive is ideal as it helps make your content more scannable and easy to read.

Grammar & text

This shouldn’t really be limited to landing pages, however having bad punctuation or spelling on your landing page, Ad copy or throughout your website doesn’t do much to build credibility, professionalism or trust in your business, which can negatively affect your conversion rate if asking for personal or billing information. Even when you’re not asking for payment, it just looks unprofessional. Always proof read everything!

More on ‘trust’…

Making sure your landing page has a number of trust indicators is also fairly important in getting people to complete that MDA (Most-Desired-Action). Examples of trust indicators include testimonials and case studies (which acts as social proof), as well as media releases, security certifications (e.g. Verisign), endorsements or guarantees.

Guarantees, including money-back guarantees, can also help to minimise the perceived risk in purchasing with you.

Images & video

Including images or video of your product or service in use, demonstrations or video testimonials can positively impact on a landing page’s success. It helps with trust (there’s that word again), while encouraging visitors to take the next step and find out more. 

A/B Testing

Much like split testing your email marketing, you can perform A/B testing with your landing pages once it has launched and continue to refine and improve it. Your options are truly limitless here – test different headlines, call to action text, button colours and placement, images and more. This is a crucial step in any digital marketing tactic and is driven by data. 

Get an effective landing page designed today

We’re not only here to get traffic to your site, we’re going to tell you how to best convert that traffic to sales, leads or whatever else your MDA (most-desired-action) is for your campaign. e-CBD create landing pages that not only look great, but are designed in a way that is proven to convert higher.

Any digital marketing that your business does needs to be measurable and bring in a return on investment. In other words, your marketing tactics need to generate more sales, new leads and ultimately more customers. A strong landing page is just one piece of the puzzle, but it’s an important piece nonetheless. 

If you want more information about creating a custom Landing Page for a promotion, campaign or new product, or pay-per-click advertising services, you can call us on (07) 5531 3810 or submit an online enquiry.

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