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What Is Your Desired End State?

When clients come to us for digital marketing they often have ideas of what they feel they need from us . They might think they want Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Google Ads, Facebook Ads or all of the above.

Our job is to provide them with the results that really matter to their business. To do this, we want to step away from specific marketing activities and look at what the clients desired end state is. To put it another way, to start we need to begin at the end.

Google Adwords

We want to answer one question:

What would success look like for you?

I’ve been in meetings where someone had come to us for Google Ads but the meeting ended with them realising that their business goals (and life goals) didn’t line up with the results the digital marketing was potentially going to deliver. Despite not getting the job it was a good meeting. Of course we’re happy to help anyone with their digital marketing if they have a specific type of campaign in mind BUT we’re also going to be very transparent in regards to the success of your strategy as it lines up with the desired end state.

So when thinking about digital marketing you want to start by working out what would be a successful result. If you tell me that you want to spend $300 per month on Google Ads on your online store and expect to generate $50K in revenue I’m going to quickly tell you that it just won’t happen. Instead we want to start with your end state of generating $50K in revenue per month through your online store.

How to formulate your strategy

In this example, reaching that goal will require you to think honestly about your business’ capacity to generate that level of revenue. Once you’ve determined whether your business has the capacity we need to then put together a solid digital marketing plan that works toward that goal.

We’ll look at a realistic timeline, which marketing channels will be most effective, suitable budgets etc. In the end we want to determine if the digital marketing strategy can deliver the end state on budget and on time. Maybe you need to look at other marketing channels that compliment your digital strategy. Maybe you’ll need to adjust your end state.

The beauty of having the end state clearly in focus is that it not only helps you formulate a strategy but it also helps you modify the strategy as you go to realign with achieving the end state.

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