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New Google Places Location Accuracy Test

Google Places

Google is testing a new feature in Places listings which allows users to say whether a location is accurate or not.

Movie World Google Places Location AccuracyIt seems that this feature is only for non-claimed listings, and it doesn’t appear up every time. When you click a button the popup closes with no message describing what action Google may take with this new information. If you choose “Totally wrong” you don’t get a chance to say where the correct location is.

Will this feature get spammed like the old “Place is Permanently Closed?” button? What does this mean for the SMB?

It means they can’t continue to ignore local listings such as Google Places, Bing Local Business Center, and various on-line directories like Yellow Pages.

So go forth, claim & optimise your listings before a sneaky competitor does.

Not sure how to optimise? We can help you with that.

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