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There were high expectations for 2012. We saw the London Olympics, financial troubles in Europe, a Federal election in the US, our politicians bickered and there was even talk of the end of the world! But we’re all still here. So as the year comes to an end we’d like to wish you, your staff and family the very best for 2013. We’ve enjoyed working with you through 2012 and are looking forward to another great 12 months. Here are a few tips for the holidays to make sure your digital profile doesn’t take a vacation too.

We’re Going on Holidays!

Just so you know, e-CBD will be closing the office over the holiday period too. Our final day will be Friday December 21, but we’ll be back on Monday, January 7. If you need any urgent updates we’ll have some staff on call, so drop Marilyn a line at if anything important comes up.

Want to check email while you’re out of the office over Christmas?

You work too hard! But hey, that’s not for us to judge. For those of you who want to be able to check your emails when you’re not at the office (and are hosting through Ilisys), you can use webmail to view any email accounts you own.


Your webmail password is the same as the one you use in Outlook (or your iPhone, or Blackberry or whichever program you use). If you’ve forgotten your password, drop us a line before the 21st and we’ll tell you what it is.

Need to set up a Vacation Message?

If your emails are hosted with us (Ilisys), you can easily let people know you’re away by logging in to the Ilisys Toolkit and setting up an automated vacation message. Type in your personalised message response which will be sent to anyone who emails you.

Under the ‘My Services’ column on the left there’s a menu item called ‘Email Setup’. Once you select that, you’ll see the email addresses associated with your domain name – pick the one you want and select the ‘Enable a vacation message’ box.

If you’re not hosted with Ilisys, ask your web provider if they can do the same thing, it should be a pretty simple option to set up.

Schedule your tweets & Facebook posts!

Just because you’re on holiday doesn’t mean your social media has to be. You can schedule tweets and Facebook posts to occur over the break while you’re away from the computer so your business stays in your client’s minds.

To schedule a post that’ll appear on your Facebook Timeline at a later date, simply compose your status update, link, photo or video, then click on the clock face icon in the bottom left of the status box. From here you can select the date and time up to 6 months in advance (and can schedule several future posts).

facebook schedule

It’s that easy! Keep in mind that you cannot schedule a future post if you’ve set your Facebook page up as a person instead of a business.

To schedule a tweet you will need an app like TweetDeck (which is owned by Twitter) to do so. Once you’ve signed in, all you need to do is compose a tweet and click on the clock face icon in the tool bar below your message. From here you can select the date and time for your tweet to be posted. It will appear in a ‘Scheduled’ column too which gives you the opportunity to edit your tweet before it is due to be sent.

Happy Holidays!

So from all of us here at e-CBD, we hope the holiday season brings you a wonderful Christmas and a spectacular New Year! Stay safe and we’ll see you early in 2013.

Marilyn, Sally and the e-CBD Team

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