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Tips for Engaging Website Content

1 Your website content should not be all about your business, your products or your services.

Put your ideal customer as the primary focus of your website content.

Explain how your business/product/service will solve their problem using simple language which avoids jargon or industry speak.

Try to write your website content using the same phrasing and terminology your ideal customer would use when talking about your products/services.

2 Your customer is the hero of the story, not your business.

When creating your website copy, your customer needs to be positioned as the hero of the story.

Every person is the main character of their own story who is trying to win the day.

Your website copy should invite your ideal customer into a story to show them how your business can help them succeed and how their life will change afterwards.

3 Every hero needs a guide to get to their happy ending

When you allow the customer to be the hero of the story, your business needs to be positioned as the guide.

As the guide, it’s your duty to enhance the customer with the knowledge, products and services they need to solve their problem, win the day and live happily ever after.

If your business is also positioned as a hero, it means the customer will need to defeat or overcome you in order to get to their happy ending.

In a business sense, this would mean the customer feels like they need to haggle down your price or negotiate for a better deal in order to “defeat you” and win the day.

4 Express empathy and authority in your content

When your business is the guide, you’ll need to show your customer empathy and authority in order for them to trust your services and advice.

Putting yourself in your customers shoes expresses empathy and let’s them know that you understand the problem they face.

Demonstrating your authority shows your customer that you are an expert who can be trusted to help them overcome the problem. You can show your authority with things like awards you’ve won, client testimonials or examples of your best work.

5 Show your customer a vision of success

The perfect “hero’s journey” story arc ends with the hero overcoming the problem (with help from a guide) and winning the day.

Using your words and some choice imagery, show and tell your ideal customer this vision of success.

This will let your customer clearly see how the problem will be solved and their life will change for the better after doing business with you.

6 Call them to action

The goal of most business websites is to generate interest or enquiries to lead into a sale.

Throughout your website copy, clearly tell your customer what action they need to take in order to business with you.

Use active language for your calls to action such as:

  • Book an appointment
  • Register now
  • Buy Now
  • Sign Me Up!
  • Reserve your seat
  • Talk to us

You need to repeatedly ask for the sale so reference your calls-to-action often.

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